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Started by kredge, 02 April 2019 à 11:01:03

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Good morning, everyone,

here is my software that I personally use, mainly for my gas consumption, and which allowed me to know if I had to change my boiler:
my heating engineer told me that my boiler was too old, that I would have to change it like my neighbour had just done with a "state-of-the-art" condensing boiler, and that I would save a lot of money per year by changing this appliance (a new boiler would cost me 3000 Euros).

I then started to read the consumption of my meter as well as that of my "super well equipped" neighbour, and to compare our respective consumption:
the result of my "investigation" allowed me to see that after 1 year, my annual consumption was only 80 Euros more expensive than that of the said neighbour.

This observation decided me not to change my boiler yet....

That's when I thought that my software could also benefit other people around the world.
From the simple use in the family, to the small business, who would like to study their consumptions, or at least who would like to monitor them (gas, electricity, water, vehicle, or any other system based on a consumption meter), you can record your consumption readings, view them from different angles, in short, monitor your various energy consumption.

I encourage you to test it (I have not inserted any "malware"), and to send me back your comments in order to, why not, make a version 2.0, which would be more suitable for the use you would expect from a software of this type.

Thank you for reading these few lines of presentation.

Have a good day.

With kind regards