Windows: Antivirus and false positives

Started by kredge, 31 December 2023 à 19:21:23

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When you install the Windows version of the JustConsum software, Windows Defender or your other antivirus software may alert you to the presence of a virus because of the "JustConsum.exe" file.

However, I can assure you that this is a "false positive", as the JustConsum software does not contain any malware.

This false alarm is due to the way the software is compiled. In fact, I use the "PyInstaller" python tool to create the executable file for Windows, and as this tool is also used by some malware creators, it has been categorised as potentially dangerous by the antivirus software, which is why it triggered the alert.

To be able to use JustConsum, you must either ignore this alert or restore the file quarantined by your antivirus software, or choose not to trust my software and not to install it.